TTcoin Detail

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How are TC Burnings Conducted?

Burned Quantities and Supply

How is TTcoin Burned?

The TTcoin team collects a certain amount of TTcoins from exchanges every month for the burning. However, this collected amount becomes unusable when burned, through the contract created on the Tron network.

The total amount that is planned to be burned is 2 billion TTcoins. It is planned to do the burning of this amount in 2022.


TRC20 BURNING : 3.142.315.088 TC


Team Supply  : 500.000.000 TC

Circulating Supply : 923,246.356 TC

2 billion TTcoins were burned on the TRC20 network, equal to the 2 billion generated on the BEP20 network.

Maximum Supply

6,000,000,000 TC