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About us

TTcoin is a project that became known with the TTcoin Network, a mobile mining application that began to be discovered and mined by users in 2021. Its goal is to develop a wide range of projects without being limited to a specific category, including sports, entertainment, finance, companies, organizations, brands and more.

He founded his first company in January 2024 and launched a new application called TTcoin Trees. Currently, more than 6 million miners are mining on TTcoin Network alone. In addition, studies are carried out in different areas such as TTcoin Sports Club, TTcoin Water, TTcoin Technology.

Our Vision

TTcoin is more than just a cryptocurrency. It has a patent in Turkey and is allowed to operate in every sector you can think of without producing a car.
Our aim is to work with the same logic as the vision of "xiaomi" company in many brands, clothing and similar sectors by using the name TTcoin.

Established companies will merge under the name of TTcoin and because they use this name, they will regularly invest a certain amount of their income every month.
As a team, we will publicly offer all existing amounts except branding the TTcoin name and 8% TTcoin we have. In this way, TTcoin will become a brand in the future and be supported by the communities.
The innovation of the future, take your place on the ship of TTcoin.


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